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Shipping & Returns

Due to high demand, the delivery of the order of the economic supply can reach 14 days, it please be aware that it is rare.

** Important: Monday orders placed before noon - Thursday will be delivered the next day. He placed before Friday 12:00 hours of your order, I will be accepted Monday. Last Friday and Saturday or Sunday two working days for delivery after 00:00 order.

How long will my order arrives? / How to transfer fees?

We are in front of tracking delivery service at 10:00 am, to deliver a low economic cost premium to the next working day, offering a choice of delivery options.

What is the Carrier to offer my order?

We use various operators on the basis of the choice of location.

Is my order can be issued to another person, or to another location? Yes. In our payment page, you will be able to enter a different shipping address and billing address.

How do I know if my order has shipped?

You, as you order, the order confirmation received via email, make sure that the second e-mail, your order has been shipped

What is your return policy? offers a generous return policy of 90 days.

The return value our investigation is now partially free.

Items can be returned to any of our trade size or refund. This project is intended that the day of your purchase within 90 days, the project is in the original, you can describe resale.

This is in the product, it does not dirty and Mark damaged. So, new shoes clean, try the surface of the carpet, you have the look, make sure you are happy for the correct remote. Additionally, you can either remove the label, please make sure that you not only sell the original packaging until you are sure you want to maintain the project.

How can I return the item?

Include your original invoice or order confirmation, you can re-packaging the article (S) returns to the original packaging, paperwork clearly stated that you are willing to exchange or refund the product. Before sealing your package, your order number, please note will be printed on the invoice.

Then you need to return your item selection and postal services. Whether you opt for a service, you can make sure to get a receipt as proof of your return, refund or replacement until the shell is left untreated, it will keep it safe.

How long does it take to process my return?

After returning to the replacement of the design process payment or reimbursement of the size of your account, it can be up to 28 days. We soon as possible, we will work to process your return.

If you have not received back my items?

A receipt as proof of return, the amount of the refund or exchange will be processed, be sure to protect the security. If there is no receipt to prove that he has been asked to release that can refuse to return to the project are not present.

incorrect or the wrong item was received

If you think I'm wrong item, or I is wrong, how can I do?

When this problem occurs, there is no first we really sorry! The wrong item when it is delivered to you, please contact our customer service

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